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INTELIE – A machine learning platform for operational intelligence

Manage and mitigate operational risks in real-time for floating rigs and offshore assets, promoting safety, compliance, integrity, and performance.

Empowering Oil & Gas with operational AI

INTELIE by Viasat delivers powerful AI solutions for the energy industry (upstream, midstream, downstream) enabling operators transform data into actionable results.
INTELIE by Viasat helps companies discover and implement crucial operational indicators, combining business knowledge, data architecture, big data, machine learning, and real-time analytics. It collaborates with companies to define solutions and KPIs for efficient operations.

Our solution offering consists of:


Flexible and user friendly

The platform combines the flexibility of one of the world’s most advanced real-time engine and query language. With an easy-to-use interface to quickly understand opportunities for action, INTELIE gives the user access to data analytics and easy to understand data visualizations for the business to make critical decisions faster.


Real-time processing power

INTELIE’s own query language and distributed in-memory analytics engine can analyze hundreds of thousands of events per second, using fewer computational resources.


Advanced data visualization

INTELIE has a diverse range of pre-developed reports and charts to display data in a comprehensive way.

The platform also allows organizations to create real-time dashboards for specific teams, giving permissions to read or edit as needed.


Capture everything

From the most diverse business operations to real-time user interactions, sales, and logistics, INTELIE allows customers to capture all available operational data. Through the platform’s ecosystem of built-in integrations, INTELIE can provide development support to build the business-critical apps the customer requires.


Pattern and anomaly detection

INTELIE provides continuous monitoring and predictive analytics capabilities that deliver alerts with the information that a client requires to mitigate unforeseen problems, while recognizing opportunities for operational improvemens.

The platform also allows the business to organize and distribute key data and knowledge throughout the organization, helping teams to react quickly and efficiently.


Plugins and apps

INTELIE Live has been developed to be flexible and scalable for all businesses regardless of need and size.

New integrations are continuously developed to support new query languages or data outputs that can be implemented through plugins.

This provides clients new ways to interact with data to develop and install new apps for their teams use.

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