Jet ConneX

Seamless high-speed connectivity that provides a world-class experience, wherever you fly.

Raising the bar for in-flight connectivity

Jet ConneX delivers a reliable, consistent, high-speed in-flight broadband similar to the experience our business aviation customers have in their offices or homes. Powered by our GX Ka-band satellites, Jet ConneX can satisfy demand for data-intensive activities such as video streaming, live TV, conference calls, large file transfers, and countless other business applications.


New technology innovations


Business aviation customers expect the best. And they trust that Jet ConneX will deliver world-class connectivity that enables principals to maximize their time and productivity, no matter where they fly. 


But we’re not stopping there. There are several exciting developments underway to ensure we continue to push the boundaries of in-flight connectivity and consistently stay one step ahead of your needs, however they evolve.


In addition to expanding our global Ka-band network with advanced new satellites, we are introducing three next-generation terminals for Jet ConneX, developed by our partners Satcom Direct, Orbit and Honeywell. These use innovative technology and lightweight designs to optimize performance, reduce costs, and simplify installation and maintenance. 


Satcom Direct’s Plane Simple Ka-band and Orbit’s AirTRx-30 terminals will enter service in 2024 and can later be upgraded to access our full Ka-band network, comprising of the GX and ViaSat-3 satellites. These will be followed by Honeywell’s JetWave X terminal, which builds on the success of its existing JetWave system for Jet ConneX by being easier to install and also connecting to our full Ka-band network.

Partner network

We only work with partners that share our dedication to excellence, customer satisfaction, innovation and global delivery. Our global network of service providers – including the industry leaders Satcom Direct, Honeywell and Collins Aerospace - offer tailored service plans on a monthly subscription basis, as well as 24/7 technical support, billing and value-added services to help manage usage and optimize bandwidth.


Ease of installation

Jet ConneX has been installed on more than 1,500 business jets globally, with Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for over 30 different aircraft models. These STCs cover all intercontinental-size jets that need global coverage. If you want the freedom to fulfil your jet’s maximum potential; if you want to fly free of geographical and/or capacity restrictions; if you want high-performing business aviation in-flight connectivity every time… then it’s time to choose Jet ConneX.

Connect with Viasat

Reliable in-flight connectivity is within reach. More information about Viasat’s high-performing Wi-Fi, global coverage and advanced technology for business jets or private aircraft is a call or click away.
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